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Marc Chagall
L’atelier de Paris (gouache, 1969)

Chagall’s work embodies a deep passion for life. He took inspiration from his Belarusian background, employing symbolic motifs and folk art – often with Biblical themes. His work encompassed stained glass windows and tapestries, in addition to his paintings and etchings.

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Rothschild and art

The Rothschild name has long been associated with appreciation of culture and patronage of the arts, which continues to this day.

About the images

The Rothschild office in Zurich is home to a superb art collection. There are over 200 works of art on display and in the archives, including pieces by Pop Artists such as Lichtenstein and Warhol, and a large Christo collection.

Some of the images featured on this website are from this collection. Each of them reflects our theme of ‘shaping wealth for generations’.