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Peter Carl Fabergé
The Rothschild Fabergé Egg

The Rothschild  Fabergé Egg is a superlative masterpiece by a master craftsman. It is one of only 12 eggs created for private clients: a gift from Beatrice Ephrussi to Germaine Halphen on her engagement to Baron Edoard de Rothschild in 1905.

Photo: Christie's © 2007
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Both the British and the French branches emerged from the Second World War with new generations of the family at the helm. Historic partnership ties between the two branches are revitalised, leading to a complete merger in 2003.

An enduring entrepreneurial spirit saw the development of an international network of branch offices and the business survive nationalisation in France.

In the 1980s, Rothschild strengthens its position as a world leader in investment banking. Today, Rothschild's wealth management business has over 7000 private clients in 90 countries.